Detailing Packages

The Essentials Package  

Starting at $175


(Recommended as a light maintenance between “The Works” package) With this exterior/interior package, we offer a detail that includes an exterior wash with a high gloss paint sealant that protects longer than a traditional wax. We then do an interior vacuum, as well as make sure your cup holders, dash and door panels are blown free of debris and wiped down. Windows are cleaned and wiped to a streak-free finish.

The Works Package 

Starting at $375


Restore your car to the brilliance it was intended to have! This full detail cleans and protects your car from bumper to bumper. The exterior is washed and clay treated, then machine polished to remove light swirls, oxidation and restore gloss. We then protect your vehicle’s finish with a silica-based paint protection sealant that gives up to 6 months of protection. Your engine bay receives a full detail, your door jambs are wiped down and wheels are cleaned and protected, tires are dressed. The interior is blown free of debris, wiped down and protected, your carpets are dry steamed and extracted, and leather is properly cleaned and conditioned. Extra attention is given to the features of your car, e.g. chrome trim, exhaust tips, emblems. This is our top value package and it ensures that all surfaces of the vehicle inside and out are cleaned, treated and protected. This is our recommended yearly maintenance detail that protects the elements that mother nature can attack your vehicle with.

The Works PLUS Package 

Starting at $800


Our signature detailing package! This package includes our services in our Works Package, plus a custom-tailored paint correction process that restores and rejuvenates your vehicle’s paint finish. Using the latest techniques and highest quality products, our multi-stage paint correction process can eliminate paint imperfections such as swirls, fine scratches, bird dropping damage, water spots, holograms and more. The Works PLUS Package is ideal for those who are looking to take their paint finish to a higher level, revealing a deep mirror gloss with an amazing shine. Due to the high finish value achieved by our paint correction process, we recommend Glass Coating your vehicle’s paint as the final step to seal and protect painted surfaces. Coatings outperform traditional waxes and sealants to give protection that last for years and not just a few months. Glass Coating not included in this package. Due to the high finish value achieved by our paint correction process we recommend Ceramic Coating (starting at $500) for your vehicle’s paint as the final step to seal and protect your painted surfaces.

Learn About 22ple Glass Coatings

Midwest Dent Repair is proud to be an authorized installer of 22PLE Professional Glass Coatings. 22PLE is one of the longest running and trusted brands of glass coatings in the industry! Japanese coatings are regarded as one of the leaders in liquid glass coatings, 22ple is designed and created in Japan by its own proprietary team.

22PLE is formulated to offer the right combination of brilliant gloss and durability for specific applications. 22PLE Glass Coatings have been engineered to provide a thin, highly reflective layer of ‘hardened glass’ as a barrier for protection, providing extra durability and a touch more shine to coated surfaces and has a life span of 4-6 years.

This new technology paint protection not only provides an amazing shine to your paint, but it also protects against the elements, repelling water and dirt and ultimately keeping your car cleaner for longer. 22PLE Glass Coating also makes washing your vehicle easier as dirt will literally fall off as you rinse down and the super hydrophobic properties will also make drying easier, as water sheets off the surface quickly. Wheels stay cleaner, longer with 22PLE VM1 and maintenance products are available to help keep your coating maintained to last even longer.

22PLE Features:

  • High “wet-look” Gloss
  • Hydrophobic Properties
  • Self-Cleaning Properties
  • UV Protection
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Up to 6 Years Protection
  • Road Salt Protection

Leave the waxes and sealants behind with 22PLE protection! Eliminate the need to wax or seal your vehicle and give yourself piece of mind that your vehicle is always protected against the elements with 22PLE. Ask us about getting your vehicle protected with 22PLE today!

Exterior Detailing Services

The Essentials

Starting at $150


The exterior of the vehicle receives our exterior wash that removes dirt, stubborn bugs and contaminants from the surface of your car. Wheel wells and tires are pre-soaked and cleaned with our Sonax wheel and tire cleaner that safely removes dirt, grime and brake dust from your tires and wheels. High-quality tire shine is applied after every exterior wash. We then do a Carnauba  Wax protectant that leaves your vehicle glossy and protected.

The Works 

Starting at $275


This service is for the individual who wants the next level for the exterior of their vehicle. We begin by washing, claying, and decontaminated the exterior, then the vehicle undergoes a  machine polish. This polishing step removes minor imperfections and hazing. We then lock in the glow of the polished surface with Sonax Polymer Net Shield. Your engine bay receives a full detail, your door jambs are wiped down, and wheels are cleaned and protected, tires are dressed.

The Works Plus

Starting at $700


This is our most comprehensive exterior service. In addition to the services you’ll receive with The Essentials and The Works exterior services, you’ll also get our paint correction process which involves restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of your vehicle. We achieve this primarily through the elimination of surface imperfections that dull, oxidize, or haze the surface. These imperfections include things like swirl marks & fine scratches, bird dropping etching, acid rain etching, buffer trails, holograms and other random scratches. We use a Multi-Stage Buffing process with the best tools, products and techniques that bring the painted surfaces to life. This package is recommended for vehicles needing detail restoration in addition to a comprehensive detail. By the time we get done with this in-depth treatment, you might not even recognize your car. Due to the high finish value achieved by our paint correction process we recommend Ceramic Coating (starting at $500) for your vehicle’s paint as the final step to seal and protect your painted surfaces.

Interior Detailing Services

The Essentials



The essentials service is a great choice for drivers who want a quarterly clean-up of the normal effects of driving on the interior of their vehicle. You’ll receive vacuuming and blowing out of crevices, cup holders, door panels, dash etc. and then wiped down. We then vacuum your floor, clean and wipe down your windows and protect your trim panels and dash.

The Works 



This service is perfect for those who want a spectacular clean to their interior. Your interior blown free of debris, including under seats, in-door pockets, spare tire area, and any areas covered by folding or reclining seats. Carpets, seats and mats are pre-treated to loosen stains and dirt, and then steamed and extracted. In addition, all plastics, cup holders, vents, and dash are thoroughly cleaned and protected. Leather seats are cleaned and conditioned to prevent cracking and UV damage. The headliner is checked for stains and cleaned accordingly. Windows are cleaned to sparkling clarity and odors are properly treated, not masked.

Extra Services

(These services can be added to other select services.)

Clay Treatment

Starting at $100


Detailing clay glides along the surface of your paint and grabs anything that protrudes from the surface. The particle sticks to the clay and is therefore removed from your vehicle. Clay treatment is an important step to decontaminating your vehicle to achieve a smooth and buttery exterior look and feel.

Ceramic Coating

Starting at $500


For the individual who is serious about protecting the finish on their car, ceramic coating is the answer. Using the best products on the market we are proud to be an authorized installer of 22PLE Ceramic Coating. What is ceramic coating? Why get your car ceramic coated? Ceramic Coating from 22PLE are a clear, liquid coating that once cured, it will chemically bond, transforming itself on the surface as a durable glass finish. The ceramic glass coating then provides an exceptionally strong and brilliant finish that offers the following benefits:


  • Deep Gloss Appearance
  • Self-Cleaning Properties
  • UV Protection
  • Layering Ability
  • Strong Chemical Bond
  • 5 Year Warranty*


*Ceramic coating warranty only applies when coating is properly maintained. 
*Warranty only applies to defects, not damage. 
*Do not use an automatic brush car wash, only hand wash or use a touchless automatic car wash.


Hand Wash


 Our Hand Wash combines the detailed clean of a machine touch wash and the gentleness of a touchless wash. 

Basic Scratch Removal

Panel- $25


Getting a scratch on your vehicle is never fun. At Midwest, we offer basic scratch removal that takes care of removing that pesky scratch from your vehicle without invasive procedures.

Touch up

Panel- $50 (Additional panels $25 each) 


For those unsightly scratches and chips to your vehicle’s paint, we offer our touch up services. We will match your paint color and fill in those unsightly chips and scratches.

Engine Bay Detail

Starting at $100


Engine detailing is often overlooked but is an essential piece to the overall detailing process. Engines get very dirty…not only is there typically grease/oil buildup on the engine and engine components but you will undoubtedly have salt/dirt/grime in your engine bay that makes its way into the engine compartment through the wheel wells, underside, and hood seams. Get yours cleaned today.

Headlight Restoration

$50 each


Over time the clear plastic lens covers of your vehicle’s headlights may become cloudy. This results in reduced visibility while driving at night. Our expert restoration service will get your headlights shining again at a fraction of the cost of replacing the lens. We use a special process of polishing and protecting to get your headlight lenses rejuvenated, and allowing you to see more clearly when driving at night. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Ozone odor treatment

$75 ($25 per hour after 1.5 hours) 


Odors can be trapped in seats, carpets, leather, and headliners and often can only be cleaned with an ozone treatment. Ozone treatment kills mold and mildew spores and destroys cigarette smell by causing rapid oxidation of the smell, destroying it from the inside out in difficult to reach fabrics and materials. Stop driving around in a car you have to endure the smell in.

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