Fall is the perfect time for a WAX.

If you keep up with your car’s care, you probably know that waxing in the cold isn’t ideal. So prior to the cold months, it’s best to apply a sealer or protectant of some kind to keep your cars finish looking it’s best. 

Can you wax your car in the Fall? Yes.

It may be cool earlier in the day, but overall the temperature doesn’t reach freezing until later in the season. This is ideal as waxing in temperatures below 60 degrees doesn’t produce the best results for most products.

What wax should I use for my car? Good Question!

There are so many options in regard to a wax protectant. You could go with a tried and true hard shell paste wax, or newly formulated liquid hybrid ceramic wax and polish. The truth is, use what you have. As long as you are applying a paint protectant, it will benefit your vehicle. 

Here are some options for Turtle Wax:

Liquid Hybrid Ceramic Polish and Wax


Super Hard Shell Car Wax Paste


How should I apply the wax?

The directions directly on the container will give you the best results. In general, you would apply wax to a freshly washed vehicle with a dry surface. Apply a generous amount of wax to each panel throughout the vehicle, one at a time. Let the product dry out, then remove with a clean microfiber towel. 

Wax can be applied by a small microfiber applicator pad, or buffing wheel. Using a buffing wheel should be done with the lowest speed and zero pressure applied. Wax is meant to be a top coat, adding protection and gloss. If you want to remove scratches of oxidation, you would need to apply a compound to remove imperfections prior to waxing. 

Once finished, your car’s paint is now ready for the elements. Applying multiple layers of wax can assist with protection from the elements and especially frost. In general, applying a wax coating every 3-6 months can assist with keeping your vehicles paint looking it’s best!

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