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Clean Machine FAQs

Will my vehicle fit in your automatic wash bays?

Most standard vehicles will fit into both our hand and automatic wash bays. 

Wide pickup trucks like Ford Raptor, Ram TRX, and Dually’s will fit. 

Large boxed trucks are limited to the hand wash bays.

clean machine wash bay size

What are the hours of the washes?

All 5 wash bays are open 24/7.

How do I get a membership for my vehicle?

You can sign up for a membership while in your vehicle at the kiosk at the wash entrance. You’ll be able to immediately wash your vehicle with your new memberships at that time. You’ll get a text that will include a link to download the app to manage your account. Once you’re signed into the app you will receive your own personal code that is for your specific vehcile that you purchased a membership for. You can then use your membership code to wash your vehicle 24/7 and as many as 15 times per month. You can also stop by our office (located next to the car wash bays) 9AM – 5PM Monday – Friday and 9AM – 12PM Saturday and receive a free RFID tag we will place on your windshield for fast, easy and hands free wash activation.

Can I use my membership code for multiple vehicles?

Each monthly membership is valid for only one vehicle. However, if you have the Dazzle level membership you can add additional vehicles to your plan and save $10 per additional vehicle. If you have the Radiant level membership you can save $5 per additional vehicle. (There is no discount for addtional vehicles added to the Glow level membership.)

Are wash club memberships unlimited?

No. We offer 15 washes per month per vehicle. We no longer offer unlimited memberships in an effort to keep prices for our members down and to curb over use. This keeps your membership cost as low as possible and allows you more opportunity to wash when you want to and not have to wait as often for people who are repeatedly washing their vehicle unnecessarily.

Can I get a Fleet Plan for my company?

Yes, you can! Please contact us for fleet pricing for company vehicles.

What do I do if the machine breaks down or doesn’t clean my car right?

While it’s our goal to maintain our equipment to be reliable and wash correctly 100% of the time, we know that life happens and sometimes there will be breakdowns or something won’t work right. In the event that this happens, please click here to let us know. Please purchase a wash in the next bay and let us know so we can issue you a refund or a wash credit you for the wash that did not work correctly. We value our customers letting us know when something goes wrong so we can address problems as soon as possible.

Why did you upgrade your wash machines?

Our mission is to delivery you the best quality touchless car wash in the least amount of time as possible. We value you your time and your investment that you have made in your vehicle and your choice to wash with us. That is why we have reinvested in what we think are the best and fastest touchless car wash machines available. If there’s anything we can do to improve your experence, please let us know!