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Are you interested in learning more about a touchless car wash? Have you ever had a bad experience at a carwash before? Maybe you were just hoping to add a nice shine to your vehicle, but instead, you came home with several fresh scratches? That was probably more than enough to keep you from going back. 

Have you ever heard of a touchless car wash before? It’s a newer way to wash your vehicle without you having to worry about scratches and other damage that standard car washes are known to cause. These are several awesome benefits of using a touchless car wash. 

Saves Time

A touchless car wash takes far less time than a commercial or DIY hand wash, so if you’re in a hurry, it’s a great option for you. Saving time means you can grab that cup of coffee you really need. It also means you can catch the last few minutes of your favorite show! Saving time is SO important!  


Although not much different in price compared to a regular commercial car wash, a touchless car wash is still relatively inexpensive. Prices will vary depending on where you live, but for a small amount, you can be as proud of your vehicle as the day you bought it.   

Available All-Day and Every Day of the Year

Standard car washes require a maintenance wash attendant to make sure everything is running smoothly. That’s not the case for a touchless car wash because it has fewer parts to worry about. Also, your typical car wash sometimes closes when extremely cold conditions are going on outside. But a touchless car wash is capable of staying open even in the iciest and coldest of conditions.   

Protects Your Vehicle’s Paint

A lot of standard car washes across the country use fabrics and brushes that have been known to cause scratches to a vehicle’s paint job every now and then. And sometimes the scratches can be pretty deep. That can even be the case when car washes choose to use soft fabrics instead because they still have the potential to rub dirt into the paint of your vehicle. 

Touchless car washes use high-pressured jets of water and powerful soap to clean your car. There are no brushes or cloths involved, which means that you won’t have to worry about your vehicle’s paint getting scratched or damaged in the process.    

Reduces the Chances for Damage and Missing Parts

Hopefully, it’s never happened to you and your vehicle, but there are plenty of instances where parts have become damaged or missing when people have chosen to use a standard car wash. Sometimes it’s a missing or broken antenna or perhaps damage caused to a side door mirror. Unfortunately, even dents and dings are another risk you could run into. 

However, a touchless car wash greatly reduces the chances of these types of things from happening to your vehicle because there are no moving parts that come into contact with it. What a relief! 

There are MANY benefits to using a touchless car wash! Thankfully, Clean Machine Auto Wash is located near you. We offer the following services:

Our car wash is located on County Road 17 in Elkhart between the 80/90 Toll Road and the 20 Bypass. Enter on Beck Dr. and we’re right next to Midwest Dent Repair.